And We’re Back…

And We’re Back…

And We’re Back… 1977 2407 Libby's Bread and Wine

Welcome back to Libby’s ! 

We’re officially open for business (well our terrace is, anyway). Not only have we got a few updates installed for you in this blog, but we’d also like to share some changes we’ve made to our establishment!

Let’s address the big one first : THE TERRACE

The terraces belonging to both Libby’s and South Seven (our sister establishment) will be used to serve food and drinks from our restaurant. They overlook the River Goyt, one of the tributaries of the River Mersey and we’ve been hard at work this month to make them as aesthetic, idyllic and pleasant as possible!

Incorporating the beautiful plants and flowers from local florist, Eleanor Lovell who owns The Assemblee Shop, as well as constructing a covering for the upper terrace (South Seven), you are guaranteed to be surrounded with beauty and splendour whilst enjoying your caffeine-fix and Libby’s grub! 

We’ve additionally added more heaters to ensure you don’t all freeze in the ‘British summer’ we’ll likely endure (still praying for glorious sunshine and scorching temperatures, though). 


It appears just about everything at Libby’s has undergone a little makeover. Our breakfast menu now contains vegan sausages and vegan butter, for the plant-based lovers among us. We’ve also added a Full Vegetarian Breakfast and Sautéed Wild Mushrooms, Wilted Spinach and Poached Eggs on Toast. (Have no fear meat-eaters, we haven’t removed any of your favourites!)

Moreover, the Libby’s lunch has everything from our classic oldie, the New York Toastie to a brand new Falafel, Roasted Squash, Coriander & Lime Open Sandwich and a Grilled Halloumi Salad!

(See our Menu page to view more of the delicious additions we’ve got available)


Now we have : THE UNIFORM

Most of you will be familiar with our staff uniform over the past…well forever. So, we decided to give it a revamp. 

From now on, this is what you’ll be seeing when you enter Libby’s Bread and Wine! A bright white T-shirt with our red logo on the back, a denim apron and black jeans. 

Who’s a fan!? We know we are!


Daytime service will function from Tuesday-Saturday 8am-4pm [walk-ins ONLY]. Enter our restaurant through the front, wearing masks unless exempt. There will still be a hand-sanitising station upon entry. A member of staff will then sort you out with a table on the terrace, and the rest is self-explanatory : simply enjoy your visit!

For evening meals, booking is advised but walk-ins are, of course, welcome (if we have the space!) Again, enter through the front and you will be taken to your table!

Takeout beverages, bakes, breakfast and lunch will STILL BE AVAILABLE. However evening takeaway will not be continuing…

We are incredibly excited to have you all back, eating with us! Even though we’ll be outside and it’s not quite back to normality yet, Libby’s will do its upmost best to give you a relaxing and enjoyable experience. We feel that the community has strengthened so much over the past year and are looking forward to seeing this blossom even more in the coming weeks.


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